Visual Anthropology and European Cultural Heritage

University of Warsaw, University of Bergen, Nordic Anthropological Film Association

invite to the International Scientific Conference

Visual Anthropology and European Cultural Heritage (Antropologia wizualna i europejskie dziedzictwo kulturowe),

21-26.09.2015, Warsaw.

Panel 1. Heritage, cultural diversity and media:

  • audiovisual media in preservation of cultural heritage in both its tangible and intangible aspects;
  • audiovisual media in education as means for educating about cultural diversity;
  • ethnographic film and film festivals as tools for promoting the idea of cultural diversity;
  • cooperation with local communities with the use of audiovisual media.

Panel 2. Cultural heritage. Theory and praxis:

  • cultural diversity of contemporary Europe in a perspective of European cultural heritage;
  • new models and concepts of preserving heritage;
  • technologies of preserving heritage;
  • heritage and cultural diversity from different perspectives: macro-level (strategies, policies, programs) and local;
  • heritage, memory and strategies of commemoration;
  • performativity of cultures, embodiment of culture, tacit knowledge and tools and methods of preserving cultural heritage.

Panel 3. Difficult Heritage:

  • heritage of post-socialism;
  • heritage of post-colonialism;
  • politics of display of difficult heritage.

Conference will be held in English. There will be no fee.
Deadline for abstract submission:
Please use the online form to submit abstract (150-250 words)

Visual Anthropology and European Cultural Heritage

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